... and your mobile phone cover
makes even coffee!

Multi-utility cover for Smartphone

Mokase is the first mobile cover that allows you to make a cup of coffee “one the move”. In spite of many already realized multy-utility mobile covers, this one is the only allowing to supply one of the most popular drink on the planet... the coffee!

Innovative purpose

Mokase is the first mobile cover to make coffee!
An extremely small, moving coffee supplier, everybody should get it one!
Imagine your friends seeing you to pour out your coffee from the mobile phone!

Elegant Design

Easy, very elegant style answering the most contemporary rules of attractive and functionatily. Without disregarding the safety of your smartphone, it's been concepted a perfect isolating system between the phone and the remaining part aimed to coffee supply.
Mokase keeps up with the times... even better it's ahead of them!

Extra-Strong protection

It's design and innovative purpose don't compromise the main aim of Mokase: to protect your mobile phone! The materials, the researched design make the mobile cover a reliable protection for your device!

How to Use Mokase

To use the cover is very simply. Thanks to a precise design, in a few simple steps youll'be able to taste your cup of coffee!

Insert the Cartridge

By a side windows, insert the cartridge with inside the ready blend of your favourite coffee!

Turn the devise on

By an App, installed on the mobile phone, the cycle of coffee heating keeps starting, simply by clicking on the cup button. In a few seconds, Mokase will ready to supply a warm, very flavoured cup of coffee.

Pour out the coffee

At this point, an acusti signal will indicate the moment to pour out the coffee into the cup and taste it wherever We want!

Color available

The colors available are the white and the black but it's already preparing a chromatic study followed by the lauching of several new configuration!


Compatible phone brands

  • 6 - 6S
  • 7 - 7 Plus
  • 8 - 8 Plus
  • X
  • S6 - S6 Edge - S6 Edge Plus
  • S7 - S7 Edge
  • S8 - S8 Edge

Project's developments

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