About Us

A totally "made in Naples" society producing innovating and creative gadgets for informatic instruments an mobile devices

Luigi Carfora

Co-founder and entrepreneur with sneezing for good ideas. Decisive and dynamic, he always succeeds in running every business where he puts his hands ...

Clemente Biondo

Young entrepreneur by innovations, much extrovert and able to give simple answers to extremely difficult matters.

Our Filosofy

Intelligence, beauty, elegance and creativity are the features that better can describe our entrepreneuring filosofy perfectly fitting to each gadget We realize, aimed to become a trendy, cool and fashion creation.
MoKase and MoKaromi are the leading creations of the whole smart k offer, their launchingwill follow step by step the birth and growing upof the company by through the creation of several communication platforms.

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  • Phone: +39 0823 1607714
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