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The wafer coffee for your own device

The quantity of coffee for the cover Mokase is held inside a disposable wafer called Mokaromi. At its internalthere is your ready-to-use coffee, to drink wherever You want!


The wafer MOKAROMI is carried out with an internal material able to warrant the coffee preservation for at 3 months. By breaking a membrane, it fits perfectly to the liquid exit pipe.
This special vacuum "wafer" able to warrant the coffee preservation has got a little hole on the bottom to come the air in but not the liquid come out to guarantee a regular drink flow.

The flavours

Coffee is the heart of our project, that's why We have spent much attention to the flavours to propose. Concerning the launching We have choosed three types of flavours among the most appreciate by consumers.
Moreover, there will be the opportunity to choose coffee with or without sugar. We plan an extension and a diversification of the range
Mokaromi classic
Mokaromi Toasted
Mokaromi Arabic

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